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  2. Do you have a link to that news story?
  3. Hmmm. Can't say I'm impressed. Others outside this site may well be taken in - spotted this just now: YouGov’s weekly poll for the Times meanwhile has topline figures of CON 43%(-1), LAB 38%(+3), LDEM 10%(+1), UKIP 4%(+1) – a Tory lead of just five points. Fieldwork for this poll was conducted on Wednesday night and Thursday daytime, so is the first conducted entirely after the Manchester bombing.
  4. UKIP have said Is this fair?
  5. Concern over the iPhone 7's missing headphone socket and the impending death of the lightning connector.
  6. “When it comes to house prices it’s all relative. If your house goes up in value so does the one you want to buy. So this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”
  7. We should see private landlords as part of the solution to Britain’s housing crisis Over a quarter of all households in London are in the private rented sector, and the proportion is set to grow. A key issue is how to deliver the rental homes needed to meet ever-increasing demand. Instead of demonising the sector, government should work with the majority of good landlords to provide the significant increase in homes needed to offer tenants genuine choice and to keep rents affordable. That means a shift away from punitive tax hikes. Two-thirds of RLA members have indicated that the recent tax increases mean they do not plan on purchasing any additional properties and 58 per cent have considered shrinking their portfolio. The next government needs to get behind those individuals and small companies that make up the vast bulk of the country’s landlords. It is time to see them as part of the solution to our housing crisis and not part of the problem. CityAM
  8. I don't think people thinks it is a silver bullet but it would have been if it had been done 20 years ago.
  9. They are left wingers so don't believe the lazy bit, but the rest is correct.
  10. Tory immigration policy will harm the City and our economy Today, May leads a new government and has committed once again to a target of net migration in the tens of thousands which, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, would result in a £6bn annual reduction in tax revenue alone. CityAM
  11. I think inflating away values is happening as we speak, but my view is it is going to take a while to inflate back to the mean and anything could happen in that time frame. It's going to go 'pop!' at some point. That is pretty certain. Who is holding what risk is less certain, but in the US I'd say it's GSE's (Fannie, Freddy). Banks may be better capitalised, but the tax payer is ultimately on the hook for any govt guarantees.
  12. SanchoPanza has been tracking this for a while (there's almost a need for an "Are the outer 'burbs crashing?" thread, if there isn't one already). In fact the whole article reads like an HPC posting, except for being several months late. An investment associate comes out with the good, if obvious: “Even if prices fall by 20 percent this would still leave them looking expensive at eight times average income.” Unfortunately she misses the opportunity for the slightly punchier: "If prices fell by half, they would still be overvalued at 5 times average incomes".
  13. Contriubtion based! The UK is a needs based/tax on eanrings. It sounds open to abuse but there is a kicker for EUers - if you are not wroking, there's no tax take so the argument is that they need to supported by the earner. So, he likes of an EEer workiing, cannot claim for non working spouse or kids.
  14. Public opinion is very fluid right now! my gut still says Tory landslide. but maybe lab lib SNP soft Brexit coalition.
  15. How does the housing market move sideways? Its either up/down/no change. Bull5h1t of the highest order.
  16. In an insurance based system, you have to contribute first to be able to claim anything. You can't claim unemployment in France if you've never worked in the country for instance.
  17. Today
  18. I was saying the same thing in 2012 and now look at it.
  19. Shame not seen this countdown referenced on any BTL forums. I think its a lot of stuff acting against the market, its quite eye opening all in one place. Would be interested to see their list of why its worth carrying on.
  20. I love those analysis, price stagnant inn 2017 and up 3% in 2018. How? Who will bring that money when consumers income is eaten by inflation? Ridiculous.
  21. Leaves on the line. Putting an extra bedroom in the loft. Extending. Going on holiday this year. General election/brexit. 1% pay increase. Inflation innit. Stamp duty. Emigrating. Can't borrow the deposit. Kids at school. Work irregular, contract, zero, self employed. Credit score. Other debt...PCP.
  22. Updated - And its Friday! not much else to say, Bitcoin crashed/corrected? last-night, media going with 'housing market sideways' stories, BTL's still building up tax liabilities. Sentiment on the housing market continues to slowly erode as time moves on. More and more BTL chancers are considering bailing out. Also added in a bit about university cities building their own custom accommodation. June 2017 - 19 days, 1 lot of rent away. Fed might raise rates, putting some pressure on BOE to do the same. Support for mortgage interest rate change to 3.12% but dropping to 2.61% August 2017 - 67 days, 2 lots of rent away Term Funding Scheme - to be reviewed (this is currently keeping mortgage SVR rates lower) September 2017 - 104 days, 4 lots of rent away. Banks forced to assess whole portfolio when remortgaging, this is already starting to happen December 2017 - 195 days, 7 lots of rent away. For those selling CGT due within 30 days All estate agent letting fees passed onto landlords January 2018 - 220 days, 8 lots of rent away. The Funding for Lending scheme, which has artificially forced down mortgage rates since its introduction in 2012, comes to an end Feb 2018 - 251 days 9 lots of rents away. Term Funding Scheme scheme due to end - higher SVR rates for those who can’t remortgage April 2018 - 316 days, 11 lots of rent away Start to build up even more tax liabilities Landlords have to shell out loads to achieve reasonable EPC rating Landlords pushed into higher tax brackets lose child benefits. Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) is only available as a LOAN from this point on, secured by a second charge on the property. Glut of mortgages taken out at the April 2016 to avoid the stamp duty charge which had a 2-year introductory rate will go onto SVR. Interest payments for Help to Buy equity loan start becoming due. Jan 2019 - 591 days 19 lots of rent away Last chance to pay 2017/2018 tax bills this is the FIRST Section 24 (75%/25%) implementation tax year April 2019 - 681 days 23 lots of rent away Start to build up even more tax liabilities Potential implementation date for Basel 3 rules killing a lot of high LTV lending. Mortgages taken out at the April 2016 to avoid the stamp duty charge which had a 3-year introductory rate will go onto SVR. January 2020 - 956 days 32 lots of rent away Last chance to pay 2018/2019 tax bills 600,000 people have interest-only mortgages due to mature (a large % will be forced sellers) - this will be ramping up so technically this is already happening. April 2020 - 1047 days 35 lots of rent away Start to build up even more tax liabilities January 2021 - 1322 days 44 lots of rent away Last chance to pay 2019/2018 tax bills April 2021 - 1406 days, 47 lots of rent away Glut of Mortgages taken out at the April 2016 to avoid the stamp duty charge which had a 5-year introductory rate will go onto SVR January 2022 - 1688 days 56 lots of rent away Last chance to pay 2020/2021 tax bills Other stuff: Landlords expecting 13+ weeks to sell, coupled with long voids as tenants leave when 'for sale' signs are stuck up. Plus already in play: MMR rules 3% second home charge Political risk, End of one version of HTB Removed HB for 18-21 year old`s FPC have now been granted powers of direction over BTL lending Universities building own custom accommodation destroying the market for Uni BTL. (ongoing) On hold until after election: Landlords have to file 5 tax returns a year. Some anecdotes of this can be found here: "Just been turned down on 2 remortgage applications due to having too many properties. It appears that most lenders are now imposing a maximum number of properties of around 10. A few are still okay for portfolio landlords but rates are far worse. Best I've been offered is 3.35% on a 65% LTV and I have 999 credit score." "Just watch loan book values evaporate when EPC regs kick in. Nearly 650000 rental properties don't meet E standard. Also when S24 effects hit. Also HMO licensing for ANY property with 3 or more households. There are going to be a lot of LL with unlettable property."
  23. Remember he doesn't target house prices only inflation but he'll do exactly as you suggest 'to secure the banks'. Sham no journalists ever asks him why he's not worried by those same bank taking on those loans in the first place. It'll be great to watch him squirming when 'looking through' near out of control inflation whilst dropping rates. The effect of these actions will further erode Sterling and ultimately deepen the near view bust. He's just trying to keep the bubble from bursting before he stands down.
  24. This will cause a few more wobbles for Sterling: I still don't think Labour can win, but a hung Parliament is looking more likely. What would we get this time? Lab SNP? Con Lib Lib Lab
  25. Bloomberg this morning... London’s Hottest Home Markets See Price Cuts in Sign Peak’s Near
  26. Crap artile on ECJ ruling. Bets I cando. The FOM has a line - 'Not burden the host nation' That means the person must have means to support themselves i..e have money. Germnay has interpretted the ruling to also pay child benefits at the orignating countries rate. Now we are leaving the EU, the not obscure rule that non workign spuses have always required private medical insurance. Bascially, any EU not wroking - spouse and kids -should have had paid for medical insurance. Ifthey failed then the they have lost their right to remain.
  27. Given up trying to gain something that's better things to do, places to go, people to meet.
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