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  2. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    Its common knowledge lots of doctors are Asian for a start. Is it racist to point this out? If not then is it any more racist to suggest lots of BTL landlords are Asian? No, it's not racist, it's someone's opinion based upon their own experiences. Get off your high horse and start acting like an adult for god sake.
  3. 1. What progress, and why would all these countries who had signed up to the A50 process have sought to undermine it before it had even started. 2. No it isn't, while there were reports of what May was prepared to offer there wasn't a formal government paper setting it out (or at least not one that I saw). 3. Without details the statement is meaningless so what is there to rebut - of course we would all like to see reciprocal protection of citizen rights, but which rights. 4. Exactly and that was what Merkel, and others, told May. Invoke A50 and we can make sure that citizen rights are the first item to be discussed.
  4. Well he was a remainer ISH and he's now her inner confidant . Hmm I wonder if Theresa May begins to play bluff or double-bluff as she brings the UK step by step back into the EU. Only she knows. The cabinet got her speech, but that could be pure BS to satisfy her agenda.
  5. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    Absolutely, just imagine how awful it is to be told to get lost by some nobody on the internet. I wonder if insertcoinstocontinue will ever recover? (From the boredom.) Still waiting on some statistics to back up the idea that "a high proportion" of BTL investors are "Asian people", but not holding my breath.
  6. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    I'm sure you mean well, and I am sure that being beaten up was a bummer. Sadly, being beaten up does not imbue you with magical powers which enable you to rule unerringly on the question of what is and what is not racism. If you read what you quoted you'll see I am explicitly stating that there is a way for insertracismthenscarper, sorry insertracismthencontinue, sorry insertcoinsthencontinue to disavow the racist overtone and own up to holding some idiotic views ("All doctors are Asian people", "A high proportion of BTL landlord are Asian people") and having glued them together into an exciting new idiotic view "All BTL landlords are Asian people who work as doctors".) He had an easy out; "Sorry, I hadn't thought it through. I realise that my analysis is worthless. Given that a racist overtone could be read into my worthless analysis I withdraw it and apologise for it Is that how insertracismthenbail proceeds? Computer says no. I get that people find a challenge to their off the cuff dumb opinions difficult but this is a forum where we exchange and challenge opinions and share knowledge. If your boy insertracsimthenhopeforapass was looking for something else then they should have looked somewhere else. Another important point. You've decided to label a beating from a gang or being deprived of the opportunity to make a living as the boundary between racism and non-racism (it'll be grand if your daughter shares that view, I'm not sure she should). My perspective is that I love the HPC forum and I want it to be a place where everyone who'd like to see lower housing costs feels welcome. I am not arguing that that is 'partly line' or the forum code - it's my view. But I get to set out my view on the forum. I want to draw the line between racism and non-racism somewhere different from where you want it drawn, and we can debate that - because it's a forum.
  7. Most of the 'cheap' lease deals turn out to have a significant deposit . something like 9+24 where the deposit is 9 x the monthly payment. I think in many cases this equity we are speaking about gets carried fwd to be the deposit on the next car making the monthlies appear artificialy low and the GFMV artificially high. I've seen a few threads where people have asked how joe public lays his hands on anything up to a £5k deposit for a car. Suggestions were PPI refunds, inheritances etc.
  8. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Don't forget this gem:
  9. Air quality has always been an issue it' just that now we are more aware and less accepting of it. Part of the problem is that we have found out that the very fine particles emitted by clean private vehicles are much more dangerous than the larger sooty particles emitted by older vehicles.
  10. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    What is wrong with you? Thats a disgusting way to behave, and is an affront to people that actually suffer racism such as the post above.
  11. The first part of the first statement is correct for existing batteries, and it's this knowledge that has enabled Tesla to increase their warranty to 8 years and unlimited mileage. The second part is incorrect, in fact it is a fast moving field of Chemistry/Physics where huge investment in improving our knowledge is being made and is driving the continuing improvement in battery capacity, power density, lifespan and fire safety (Toyota is sounding increasingly confident of having a solid state battery in large scale production by 2020 - at least 30% more capacity, unlimited lifespan and non flammable). For the reasons above there won't be cars with shot batteries on the road. I believe ICE's are also susceptible to knobs not filling up, in fact more so as their fuel gauges are much less accurate.
  12. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    He really didn't deserve that reaction. And I say this as someone married to a Bengali girl with a mixed race child. Some people who constantly ram the race card down other's throats need a good dose of what racism actually is. I've been beaten up badly by a gang for being white - that's racism. Discrimination at work through colour is racism. Making an inoffensive observation, even if you think it unfounded, is not racism.
  13. Today
  14. On what basis. Tesla has recently increased its warranty on the battery and drivetrain to 8 years and infinite miles. Their confidence is such that they have retrospectively applied the increase to all of the model S cars ever made. The reason they have this confidence is that batteries in even the earliest 2012 cars are degrading much slower than expected and now have a predicted life in excess of 340k miles, the batteries in cars built after 2015 are showing little or no degradation at all. Their electric drivetrain is now expected to last over 1m miles. The rest of an electric car tends to have a much easier life than an ICE car, it has to cope less vibration, without the extreme underbonnet heat cycling, regenerative braking means the brakes are rarely used in normal driving. You are right that eventually taxation will be applied to electric vehicles but that won't be until switchover becomes a no brainer decision maybe 5-10 years away.
  15. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    Full disclosure, there are other set theory flaws in your argument which will allow a non-racist idiot conclusion, but it is not looking good on the racist front right now. Game on.
  16. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

  17. His sights are not on Brexit but individuals, his motives...ermm...
  18. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    Where's your evidence on the proportion on BTL landlords who are to employ your label "Asian people" or is that some nonsense you made up because you are a racist idiot?
  19. 1. UK was seeking and had made progress on an early settlement on citizens' rights through dealing direct with member countries. 2. That's a contradictory sentence. 3. I doubt that since the rebuttals would have come thick and fast. Agreeing in principle "a reciprocal arrangement" would have been a start, in fact, a ten month head start on the current citizens' rights situation. 4. No, at that time the EU maintained that there would be no negotiations until A. 50 had been invoked. The process hadn't started.
  20. My first thought was that £2.5m for that is cheap - it's a nice part of Holland Park. Then I noticed 37 years on the lease ...
  21. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    I'm stating a high proportion of doctors are Asian, likewise btl "entrapenuers". Now kindly feck off.
  22. Battery technology is changing rapidly and the guaranteed life span is 60-100k miles and 8 years. Its not particular expensive to replace batteries either. $100 per kWh is in sight. Maybe its because more knowledgeable people understand what has changed to make electric vehicles viable Current batteries are badly affected by the cold. But Solid state batteries will fix that and a lot of other issues.
  23. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    What are you assenting to? That you are a racist or an idiot? (Or both?) Or are you proposing that all doctors are "Asian people"?
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