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  2. Home Ownership Among Young Adults has Collapsed

    Osborne cut BTL tax relief a bit, and added a bit more stamp duty to second home purchases, but he also introduced Help to Buy and single-handedly caused a second boom in London property prices. That ultimately forced me to move back North - there is just no future in London now unless you inherit. I am the most left wing of left-wing voters but until about 2013 I was living in London and actually considering voting Tory. But I will never vote for them now. The soft landing they wanted was actually happening but they messed it up. They talked about austerity a lot but we are still running a deficit. They privatised a bunch of stuff unnecessarily and screwed up working public services. Their current leadership is both completely incompetent and scarily, unapologetically authoritarian. It doesn't matter if Corbyn is literally the devil - I'm tired of being screwed over by the demons we already have. And he's a long way from that, anyway - he's making the right noises on a lot of stuff. I wish Scotland had voted for independence and left the whole sorry lot behind.
  3. I think the naive anti Israel stance of many left wingers swings too easily into anti semitism I am a catholic so not a view I picked up in this weeks Jewish Chronicle 😉
  4. As much as I may hate to admit it and as much as he comes from a world I can barely comprehend, I believe Reese Mogg is a principled man too (total opposite of that **** Cameron). He is also a consummate debater and would wipe the floor with almost anyone so that may be so, but JC has been underestimated before and is growing in stature. Quite where this lack of backbone comes from though, I don't know.... JC was wearing his heart on his sleeve while David Cameron was introducing his manservant to a soon-to-be bacon sandwich. Not getting the antisemitism either. Being critical of Israel is not antisemitic. There are plenty of Jews that do that too.
  5. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Perhaps. After 8+ years of the same topics repeating, no doubt some frustration/indifference has set in. But I don't make stuff up on subjects I don't understand to support an argument - as marketing or otherwise.
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  7. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    yawn, bed time kids,
  8. I haven't been to Pizza Express for more than a year. They used to have decent vouchers available virtually all the time however they seem to be trying to wean themselves off of the 'discount voucher merry go round' and they are losing custom because of it. At the moment 'Ask' seem to be the new Pizza Express. Frequently offering 40% off the full bill. Unfortunately for them the new customers they are picking up will jump ship to the next chain offering deep discounts as soon as they try and Jack the prices back up. 'Earlier this month, S&P Global Ratings downgraded the credit rating on Pizza Express because of what it described as the “sharp 460 basis point fall in profitability” in its first half. The ratings agency said this posed “a risk that the group’s UK reported Ebitda margin could decline by as much as 350bps in 2017”. Even S&P noted the company had been focusing on “extensive promotional offers” and while it saw no near-term refinancing risk, it would lower the credit rating again if like-for-like sales growth turned negative.'
  9. Oh well, there's always "National Section 21 Day" or whatever they were planning a while back...
  10. Haha I think they're still in denial. They seem to be under the impression that Shelter etc will be begging the government to drop Section 24 when the wave of homelessness hits due to landlords selling. Just like the waves of massive rent increases will hit. It will be any day now...any day... After all, as we all know, houses cease to exist when landlords sell them.
  11. In all your replies, you've said not one fact. You're an empty suite. Keep dreaming.
  12. Agreed. But how many people are clued up enough to stand their ground? And whatever happens it's still a very stressful situation if you are on a low income and have kids in tow. And there are moving costs, letting agent fees etc. How can you put down roots with that kind of deal?
  13. Walked in to one once, sat down, looked at the prices and we decided to leave. It’s prwtty big standard Italian food at a 50% mark up just for his name but he’s not actually cooking it and frankly I think the guy is a turd so I’m not sure why I went in in the first place. Ask is the same food only cheaper, and even that’s not cheap (but I quite like it). I’m missing why you’d go there if I’m honest, doesn’t offer anything more than elsewhere but costs more.
  14. Does Jamie Oliver run the business, or just lend his name? Been to a Jamie's Italian once before. Ok, but nothing special.
  15. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    A lot of tangential waffle, but on the interest issue - I don't know why you'd choose to believe something that's factually not true. Whatever the reason, good luck with that.
  16. Pub grub with bistro prices. The only mystery is how he got away with it for so long.
  17. No, I am right on both points. The writedowns when the economy slows from general debt saturation is systemic. The entire system is written down. And then your assets column = a fat zero. In 2008 they took a sample of bonds , that were valued at face, to the market and tried to sell them. They got 6c in the dollar. These bonds, recorded as "assets" ,caused a implosion in the collective balance sheet of the entire financial system. And they were bailed out by the discount window thrown wide open(> $16trillion that we know about) as well as nearly 10 years of QE (more bailouts only for the financials) . The govt(under threat, remember Paulson?) passed laws that the bond "assets" could be reverted to being marked-to-model(fantasy) in the balance sheets. And here we are 10 years later, we sit with the same problem , the banks won't lend to each other. No surprise. And yes, buy bitcoin. It is no one's debt, it is internationally portable and is not under the control of anyone.
  18. Although if you don't leave at the end of two months there is really little that the landlord can do, especially if you continue to pay the rent. Of course in time they can evict you but you would easily get another month.
  19. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    A broken clock is right twice a day.....
  20. Lol - well at least you read the first paragraph, even so, difficult to understand how you came to that conclusion when I explicitly wrote the opposite throughout the post. re: ideology and lip service Yeeees, politicians pay lip service to people’s hopes dreams demands...we’re discussing what those appear to be and how they have been expressed ? re: parroting That’s almost impossible to unravel definitively and a lazy cheap shot - we read, debate, learn, agree disagree. From my biased view-point, the Leave agenda was drummed into the masses for over a decade through the MSM (arguably leading to parroting but in reality not conceived in a vacuum), it’s credibility was entirely p1ssed away (for me) by numpties during the referendum followed by a more detailed understanding of the case for Remain kind of painstakingly built up after the referendum while the governments repeated and predictable failing like clockwork is excused. A complex process not simply explained by ‘parroting’. Re neoliberals vs conservatives. Thats fine - and appreciate its the focus of your interest, but again it ignores the more challenging and subtler point that many people not ideologues, on both sides might be expressing a desire for similar goals albeit through radically different solutions and yes hence exploited by radically different politicians.
  21. No one pays the ticket price in Pizza Express! They saw you coming...
  22. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    1. Your only correct point. 2. Wrong on the interest thing (assets = liabilities & writedown/default exists). You can google that, or just search this forum - been discussed many many times.
  23. There’s so many options. If one is in an unfamiliar town you could try Tripadvisor but it’s garbage so just rock up in to the Prezzo/pizza express/ask/Jamie’s Italian to get an average meal and service. To be fair I’ve never had a decent meal at Pizza Express - £40 for 2x pizzas! Or one could go to Weatherspoons or a chain pub. I’m not sure if the £75mn debt for 37 restaurants is reasonable as don’t know their turnover. I can only think their costs (labour and food costs) rocketed and also had to cut prices to get customers in so margins imploded.
  24. from the comments "Love it but centre isle in the cinema? Deal breaker!" Quite right!
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