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  2. are now in the real world ...not the elitist pseudo intellectual fantasy of the champagne socialist misfits ..... you are looking on from Toronto...
  3. Quite. Utter insanity by the EU PTB.... f**king mental.
  4. I don't see it. I know of no one who voted to leave based on the idea that we wouldn't actually leave. Vanishingly few MPs in leave voting constituencies, of which there are around 400, will dare block it for whatever reason.
  5. ..Churchill could not have put it better...well done Nigel Farage ....
  6. Well, looks like we're actually going to trigger article 50. I for one never thought we'd get this far.
  7. are the type who is not required in the UK ...we are stronger than enough to become a nation that will break away from the shackles which is a crumbling set up known as the EU..non democratic comprising of MEPs with no power and the unelected monopolise all the power hoo to that are the Lord Haw Haw of the 21st Century ....I don't wish you any luck ....
  8. ...that's what they said about Churchill in the 1930's when nobody would believe him about Hitler ....look in the mirror and you will see exactly what you are throwing around .....
  9. I think so. Better for everybody.... Really.
  10. He is full of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. He is in fact a vast oozing bladder of pure health.
  11. Probably just as well,
  12. Today
  13. You can pick through the EU detritus all you want, no UK/EU benefits = no EU FoM. I wonder why that is? Hmmm... what could it be?.... It's on the tip of my tongue.... Nah. It's gone!
  14. 100% agree with you but I came into the picture after she had paid (she's a bit too trusting). They have made it clear to her that they will keep the £500 which is pure theft. I was so appalled that I helped her locate another flat which happens to be cheaper as well. I have every intention of chasing this up on her behalf and, out of principle, will even help her take it to court if I have to. Local press/consumer protection programmes will be notified as well - hopefully they will take it up. Winds me up every time I look at it...look at those charges...inventory contribution?? And a random amount as a deposit...?? Thanks all. I'm on it.
  15. Er... diesel engines on trains do not power the wheels directly. The diesel engine drives an electricity generator. So diesel trains are actually driven by electricity.
  16. Quite a few comments on the news programmes tonight that are not going to impose a cut off date on FoM rights for EU citizens who arrive before we Brexit. I suppose that won't be a surprise to many on here but I can see it going down badly with many Leave voters.
  17. 2 Bed Flat in Basildon, Essex. She is a nurse with with perfect credit but earns £25k basic before overtime/agency work. Appalling that rents are so high that a professional now needs a guarantor to get a place to live.
  18. As a child mine used to last me one year of daily use. By that time the insole had collapsed and the soles were as smooth as glass. If you're getting over 3 years use out of them them you aren't actually doing much activity in them. I suppose as a child I was doing about 30,000 steps a day involving plenty of football, kicking, climbing and running in them.
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  20. What a c*** Clegg is. Speaks five languages and can't tell the truth in any of them.
  21. YOLO! ****** 'em, good for you TONA.
  22. Well said!
  23. Oops! I've gone a bit mad. In addition to the Baron Otard (yet to arrive), I've acquired a Courvoisier VSOP, Remy 1738 and a wildcard Janneau 5yr old Armagnac. Will have to have a comparative tasting session with some pals now.
  24. This is something that's been intriguing me for some time but from a different perspective. I left the area in Leicester I grew up in because the bulk of the properties in it had become student lets.Student lets are all good and well when the market's buzzing and there's a steady stream of suckers wanting to pay £50,000 for a degree in Social Sciences from de Montfort Uni. Problem comes when either a ) the suckers stop coming or b ) the Uni's and some big conglomerates come in and build purpose built accommodation with all bills in. The houses have been turned from 3 beds into 6,left to rot in terms of windows,roof,central heating and electrics. Perfect for student letting unless there's no students. Like you,I wonder if we'll reach a point where it's worth pulling them down
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