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  2. That's not so (particularly high earnings) EE. 2000-2008 was just pure work and saving, and some successes. I eased down 2010, but tick over okay. Tiring work and nothing for it to improve one's situation... as in be able to buy a small house. BTL and runaway HPI. Pisses me off. Removed my productivity in protest against runaway HPI / bailout policies; house prices continuing (after 2008) to go up far more than I could save each year. And so it went again in another BTLer double down from 2010-2016. Might come back on me at some point. Time will come when I have to do a big surge of work to re-establish financial position, whether HPC or not. £65K? (Sold price 2015) in the heart one of South Manchester's most fancy towns? Yes some other costs... service charge per month that looks to be around £140-£150pm. Okay admittedly nothing there at that asking price now... one at £90K asking price. I think the £65K was an inheritor waiting for a downsize, who eventually took a chunky offer below. Although I doubt you'd get something much cheaper in many an ordinary town of the North. Might be worth looking into. 1 bed at <£65K at 60 years of age. That's a test. Admittedly £65K is still a lot of money for some people, especially if you've been renting-saving working against mad HPI, BTL financialisation etc for years. Can only suggest being willing to move locations, to try and find lower housing value (I don't know much about your current area under your avatar), although I am also reluctant to move from area of friends/family/settled. Especially when only see HPIers/BTLers and other housing VI go on easy happy upside for years with house prices.
  3. I agree that the woman may have been fearful and struck out. But.....from a woman's perspective if he'd left the house I'd have locked the door and phoned for help. If he came back I'd attempt to defend myself again. Its the chasing in the street that makes me question about her position of self defence.
  4. Okay, I'll put the other side. Fear is a big cause of someone attacking someone else first. When I was at college 37 years ago, a friend of mine had a conviction for gbh. He came from Lewisham and was walking home late one night. Two men on the other side of the road crossed over to walk towards him on the pavement. He thought he was going to be attacked so he decided to take one of them out first - when they approached he struck one of them and broke their jaw. It turned out they were just crossing the road. I often think this is how America behaves. At heart it is a decent country but very fearful of the outside world, so ends up waging war endlessly. A confident country would not. So, this woman may have very good reasons for being fearful....And decided to strike. Not only that but to chase him into the street to finish him off in case he came back like in a horror movie.
  5. I can imagine the headlines. Sick, evil, depraved................
  6. If you want to get any support for that idea, you need to adjust the criteria. Nationalism is [IMO rightly] seen as one step from racism and the moronmedia constantly confuse the two. No benefits to non-taxpayers ffs [non-contributors, .. non-residents] on the other hand is entirely PC and an idea that could be much more widely supported. Better still, it would be easy for May to claim that the referendum gave her a mandate for such an immediate change. I can't imagine they haven't noticed the [political] opportunity. Trouble is they don't need to use it due to lack of any credible political opposition. Are they saving it for when needed. Criteria to qualify for benefits [and tax credits and NHS] should be 5 of the last 7 years fully UK domiciled and tax resident. Everyone else buys [compulsory health] insurance. Just like eeeerm Spain, France, Germany and the rest! There is a real difference. All those hardworking immigrants who have been running the NHS for the last years would qualify. Those Brits who skipped UK [and its taxes] for the costas or sex pits of asia would not qualify. [and neither should they IMO]
  7. Cherry vodka.
  8. £900k This time next year Rodders we'll be millionaires!
  9. Yes, I think alcohol problems/addiction is increasing because it's so cheap and easy to buy to drink at home in comparison to going out socialising. But, as Venger says, it's a market. We all make our choices 🙂
  10. Could be possible. Perhaps it was MIke Yarwood pretending to be Heath...? Maybe Yarwood could even have been the true "Savile"...? EDIT: Mods, please don't get your knickers in a twist, I am not serious about Mile Yarwood - his impressions weren't good enough to fool anyone. I was a school-kid at he time, and he always sounded like Mike Yarwood to me...! XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb
  11. I used to avoid drinking at home. Not that i had a problem or owt. Fast forward, kids, pubs charging 3.50p a pint....
  12. Having read a lot of your posts venger I think you are in a much stronger financial position than me with your well paid job. If I had been well paid in life I doubt it would cross my mind that surviving in life can be a problem for single people. My response was to a poster who is in the low income bracket like myself. Someone who can relate to life in the uk on low income!
  13. Latest drone footage of the dam and repair work.
  14. I had to quit booze about 25 years ago. If I hadn't I doubt I'd still be alive. I wouldn't dare to have an alcoholic drink again in case it set me off on a wrong path again. If you can control how much you drink I would go for treating yourself to some quality booze now and again. Don't drink to get wasted! Big mistake IMO. I learnt the hard way. Alcohol dependency creeps up on you. It's very insidious.
  15. It's the Father Ted defence! Down with that sort of thing!: "The Wellington Road Action Group says not only will this development cause problems"
  16. Yes I've got a couple of those. If you were never too deep in the first place it is quite easy to become shallow.
  17. No argument from me there. That said, even for an Aussie beer, it was absolutely toilet.
  18. Indeed, makes no difference to me except I may have to sell to fund my kids houses, if prices drop enough they might be able to support themselves. I did sell my first house at below apparent market value as I wanted to capture the most reliable buyers I could, worked a treat for me , rented a cheap place and put the equity in the bank as interest rates went through the roof. None of this was through choice though I had to move in a rush. In hindsight it probably set me up nicely. But that's a long story.
  19. I know - I was being facetious. Even I can do subtle every now and again... XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb
  20. Yep, you got me
  21. A few just drifted into my life, and then drifted out again. I am fine with that. Others have remained Facebook friends, but nothing more than that. If they were ever in a real jam, I'd help out - and I think they know that.
  22. Nearing 60? You have some really decent retirement apartments as an option, at what appear to be great value, imo. 1 bed and 2 bed, in happy millionaire-housing belt belt too. (HPC) Not all of them are run by high-cost, big service charge, balloon exit-fee providers.
  23. Aussie beer. What did you expect
  24. ..think that is already happening......
  25. If you suspect a poster on here might be a lady - simply talk to her as if she were a man. Trust me - she'll soon come-out of the "is she or isn't she" closet...! You ready to take that leap yet pet...? XYY The dog's kennel is not the place to keep a sausage - Danish proverb
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