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  2. How very... selective of you. Let's try again... Out of all *27 EU states, only 4 make the cut. Less than 20%. This percentage will slide further once more Eastern European countries and Turkey join Framany. Out of *4 EEA/EFTA states, 4 make the cut. That's 100%. Interesting. I'd take quality of life over a lesser role in the world, seat on the security council or blood sucking investment banks. * Post Brexit once UK joins EFTA and/or EEA. Even if we end up outside of the EU, EFTA and EEU then we'll manage fine. If countries like New Zealand can flourish (small country, geographically remote, similar rule of law) then I am damn sure the UK can.
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  4. its going to be lovely..
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  6. The Police Pension Scheme 2015 2.2 Pension benefits for members  The Normal Pension Age (NPA) is 60.  The Normal Minimum Pension Age (NMPA) is 55.  You have the option to retire at any time after NMPA and to take immediate payment of your pension; if you decide to retire with immediate payment of your pension after NMPA and before NPA, your 2015 Scheme benefits will be actuarially reduced by reference to NPA.
  7. For me it's Normandy, I now have three friends living out there in lovely big farm houses with plenty of land, and the icing on the cake is the French really love the English in that part of France Kidding, part of me loves the rude side of the French towards us, we deserve it. Why I like it? 1. close to the UK and easy to get back to the UK 2. You might as well be on a different planet even though you are less than 100 miles away from the UK coast, 1950's Britian in some places. 3. won't tell you prices of Normandy property, just google, will make you weep. 4 The Food, Oh Gawd Blimey! Just amazing(coming off a 2 day fast) Look I could go onto 100 reasons, it's a place where people have life in them and it's a place to live.
  8. Good luck with that. It's decentralised for a reason...
  9. Put you money in the bank and earn 0.1% interest and lose 4% inflation pa. Or put it in a worldwide cryto asset. That rises 800$ in 48hrs. No brainer really (unless you forget your password or you wallet gets hacked..).
  10. "open days" for rentals - this has to be a sign that agents are struggling. I thought it was bad enough that rightmove have introduced a rent and advert - even the sellers are bailing out!
  11. That must of been the eureka moment I bought more btc ether Ltc and eos !
  12. The reason EAs have open days is to get all the buyers round at the same time to try to drum up interest. That may work for a nice 350,000k prime fixer upper in a good area, but not for a 1,5mill overpriced new build in stevenage. The count says sstc this weekend, I say lots of reductions and still unsold in 2018
  13. The only ones that'll go, are the nosy neighbours from around the corner...I've also noticed "open days" for rentals now...
  14. RIP Chester. Here he is doing what the Pentagon can only dream of: laying waste to Red Square, and bridging the Eat West divide.
  15. Yep. Giveaway labour policies for free cash for all (apart from those that work) Or Conservative, make the 1% bankster politicians BTL much much richer and the other 99% poorer. Hmmm.
  16. Cheap money, lax lending standards – I’m getting deja vu here In Ireland.... Over half of new cars sold under finance deals
  17. No wonder Charles Kennedy took to drink. He must have gone to a fortune teller who told him what Clegg and Cable would do to his party
  18. What an uninspiring box of windows and bricks
  19. Any clues pls?..... plenty of nice provincial towns located close to great cities like Strasbourg, Lyon, Munich, Barcelona, Girona, Milan, Padova etc etc....Lon-done....just why?!
  20. Quite a nice place. The only problem is the price..... How ******ing much?
  21. Why do they bother to change the price from 80,000 to offers in excess of 75,000. Isnt that same thing? Just reduce the price to 75,000 and accept an offer for 40k and get shot.
  22. How ******ing much! Is this Rightmove site a joke?
  23. Come on this is Prime Hertfordshire, Sg5, do you shopping in Stevenage at the weekend, yet be close to your prime commute into london? Gotta be worth at least 400k? Ok, i exaggerate, maybe 300k?
  24. "Despite this, prices remain significantly lower than at their peak — down 31.5% since the highest level reached in 2007. Dublin residential property prices are 31.5% lower than their February 2007 peak, while prices in the rest of the country are 36.4% lower than when they were at their highest in May 2007."
  25. Brilliant! Thats why I still come here daily after 9 years.
  26. Still some great areas in Dublin and other cities though where the loaded compete with one another to live Worth a read- prices still well down from the top of the last bubble.
  27. There's an old expression - you couldn't pay me enough.
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