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  2. This is what exporters aim to do. After all our economy exports more than it imports. Oh hang on....
  3. To give him his due, we still don't know for sure what game Carney is playing with this public pronouncement. It's still possible he is trying to talk down the £ before a possible rate hike in May, after which it would probably rise. Maybe he genuinely thinks the markets should not price in a 100% expectation of a rate rise, when the MPC's decision has not yet been taken.
  4. Had a look.......a week's parking at airport is more expensive than a weeks car hire in Europe, driving to the airport plus parking is cheaper and more convenient than catching the train to the airport.
  5. BOE reveals split decision on IR

    Monster Raving Looney Party 🤣 Lets have crazy people run the show... it might actually be better
  6. Currency control... always adding some spice to the affair.... he will aviod raising as long as humanily possible.
  7. What I find intesting is that Libor has actually been on an upwards march of over a year, its a sign that the central banks have stopped acting as a substitute for the short term credit market. So banks will have to borrow from each other again. The signs are when cheap credit dry’s up businesses fall of the clift top along with zero hour employment contracts:... 🤣
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  9. Doesn't Squire Wilson of Ashford have a criminal record?😀 'How I lost 923 leveraged liabilities with one punch'. .... I can dream can't I?
  10. Reading the OP again, I think the point was simply that 3m Libor was racing ahead, indicating rate rises. I agree that that is what it would largely show. The only other thing that it might show is concerns about financial stability, but it is very unlikely in this case.
  11. This is buzz feeds research..
  12. Some people will find it much easier to avoid vices like gambling and booze, and some people much harder, depending on their genes and upbringing. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have been given a well calibrated toolkit. Just as I expect a lot of people in the concentration camps will have found it more difficult for the same reasons.
  13. They really don`t need to have roulette on every channel at night do they ? Yes you are correct alcoholism gambling addiction or any addiction is a personal choice to a point i would not say that about heroin addicts, usually though these addictions are masking other problems they are merely emotional stumps to lean on. The advertising is only profiteering from people weaknesses, which they know exist throughout society.
  14. Cannot get FCG thanks to this whole KIDS craic. But looked up the ETF contents and have managed to add a bit of Continental and Anadarko.
  15. Or... choose your own way. The public cannot be ‘turned’ gambling alcoholics. They choose that path. I am totally in agreement re gambling ads being too prevelant and lax liquor licensing but the truth is people use that as an excuse. “As he saw in the camps, those who found meaning even in the most horrendous circumstances were far more resilient to suffering than those who did not. "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing," Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning, "the last of the human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." Victor Frankl
  16. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2017

    mini-me Verne Troyer
  17. Saudi coup? Fears of a coup are sparked in Saudi Arabia after heavy gunfire erupts near the Royal Palace - but officials claim it was only guards shooting down a drone that flew too close to the King Salman's residence Numerous videos have been published online of heavy gunfire from Rihayd Mohammed Bin Salman is thought to have been evacuated to nearby bunker It is unclear whether there have been any injuries or causalities so far Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  18. The Rise Of The Russian Bear Thread

    I found this an interesting watch: BBC: Putin, Russia and the West
  19. glad i am not the only one who thinks the uk is now officially a nut house. And they wonder why there are more mental health issues now. turn the public into depressed gambling alcoholics and give them happy pills to keep them sane whilst paying taxes and throwing money down the drain.
  20. Yep. i think that too. The $ may now have bottomed and started its ascent
  21. Yes,oil (and even more gas) will be one of the biggest gainers in the next cycle.All currency will be going down in value fast and its inflation assets needed.I would never hold Chinese currency.
  22. And anyway. Looks like the $ is on its way slowly upwards... so lots of corporate and national debts will start to cost more... and if consumers can’t spend as much...businesses with thin margins will be in trouble... its all getting sort of interesting out there.
  23. Another Russian Spy?

    As I'm sure I've said a few times on this thread, gut feeling. Edit.... thought so..
  24. Another Russian Spy?

    Let me ask you why? What persuaded you?
  25. everywhere is absolutely dead

    Banks finance are at tge pointy end of digitisation - numbers are pure digital info.
  26. Im with you on that. Rentals should only be provided by grown ups. The small private rental sector before io btl and Btoens lunacy was shit. The io btl lunacy needs hammering. And ut is - see lobbying for longer term lets. Any retail vank ghats not calling in btl loans deserves to go bust. Massive legal changes are coming
  27. HMRC accused of blocking probe into Tory donor Lycamobile
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