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Saturday, Mar 6 2021 Add a News Blog Article

More Money for Houses

Sunak's budget expected to offer first-time buyers mortgage guarantee

The government have decided to provide incentives to mortgage lenders to offer 95% mortgages for first-time buyers. There don't seem to be many details. I expect the incentive will be UK taxpayers underwriting a share of the loan and hence share of risk if the borrower defaults. at a time of significantly rising national debt, I find this policy questionable.

Posted by Quiet Guy @ 11:24 PM 4 Comments

one in 10 owner-occupiers do not have enough savings to cover even a single month mortgage payments

770,000 households could see their homes repossessed

About 770,000 homeowners are vulnerable to repossession during the pandemic if they have suffered a loss if income, a new report revealed, calling on more government support for those at risk of eviction.Meanwhile, renters may be struggling as well. Last week, a coalition of landlords, housing groups and charities has warned that the government needs to do more to support renters and avoid them "being scarred" by debts, otherwise more will lose their homes in the coming months, with the risk of an increase in homelessness.

Posted by deepak @ 12:31 PM 1 Comments

But optimism aka greed prevails

House sales fall as buyer interest wanes

'Sellers are pricing in expectation rather than reality': House sales fall as buyer interest wanes - but prices are still rising everywhere but London Sales, new listings and buyer queries all dropped off last month, says the Rics But prices everywhere in the country, apart from London, are still on the up Estate agent says homes are being priced 'in expectation rather than reality'

Posted by jalopy @ 03:44 PM 1 Comments

As expected, anything for the bubble

Help to Buy deadline extended amid Covid delays

A deadline to buy a home under the current Help to Buy scheme in England has been extended to the end of May. Probably will be done again.

Posted by deepak @ 05:34 PM 2 Comments

Annual house price growth slows for first time in six months as end of stamp duty holiday approaches

Annual house price growth slows for first time in six months as end of stamp duty holiday approaches

Prices down 0.3% month-on-month, after taking account of seasonal factors. Could this be the start of a long-overdue correction or will the Government step in to see off the danger of investors not feeling richer month on month?

Posted by magnifico @ 02:14 PM 4 Comments

Understand the “Great” Reset to trade this market.

The Covid-19 “Great” Reset abolishes the US Constitution & English Bill of Rights

They are collapsing the economy to "Build Back Better" for the fascist "Great" Reset of Davos, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. Confidence will collapse in government, shifting capital into private assets, including housing.

Posted by libertas @ 01:02 AM 7 Comments

FOMO buying ??

I was a first-time buyer at 27, and bankrupt at 28

What was true for your parents generation is not true for you. You have to pay for your accommodation and also their high property value. Not to forget the NHS, pensions that they need from your current salary. Lesson learnt quick and fast, saved you from a life time of misery to keep paying for the housing bubble.

Posted by deepak @ 02:23 PM 0 Comments

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House Price Statistics - UK National

Source websitePeriod coveredAverage house priceMonthly change (%)Annual change (%)Archive / GraphPeak average house priceChange since peak (%)Official releases
LSL Property Services & Acadametrics (England and Wales)Jan 21£330,958 1.20 8.70CrossFeb 2021 (PDF)
Halifax House Price IndexJan 21£251,968 -0.30 5.40Tick05/02/2021 (PDF)
Office for National Statistics [ONS]Dec 2020£252,000 1.4 8.5Cross17/02/2021 (PDF)
Zoopla / Hometrack – Monthly National SurveyJan 2021£226,600 0.30 4.30Cross25/02/2021
Land Registry Monthly ReportDec 20£251,500 1.20 8.50Tick17/02/2021 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price IndexFeb 21£231,061 0.70 6.90TickMarch 2021 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price IndexDec 20£319,945 0.60 6.60TickDec 2020 (PDF)

House Price Statistics - Greater London

Source websitePeriod coveredAverage
house price
change (%)
change (%)
Annual change
Archive /GraphPeak average
house price
Change since
peak (%)
Official releases
Land Registry Monthly ReportApr 18£484,584 2.40N/A 1.00Tick£530,409
(Jan 16)
8.6413/06/2018 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price IndexQ2 18£468,845N/A 2.30 1.90Cross£478,782
(Q1 17)
2.0801/06/2018 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price IndexJuly 18£628,458 0.50N/A 1.70Tick£649,864
(May 17)
3.2916/07/2018 (PDF)

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Source websiteAnalystPhotoDate prediction madeAmount predictedRegionTime PeriodEvidenceNotes
www.cebr.comC.E.B.RPhoto of David Orr2020  13.8%UK2021Tick
”CEBR predicts that average house prices will be 13.8% lower in 2021 than in 2020.”