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Friday, Nov 24 2017 Add a News Blog Article

Empty Homes spike in London commuter belt

BBC Busines: Empty Homes spike in London commuter belt

"Buy-to-leave" investors were active in those areas, experts said. The government gave councils new powers to charge a 100% council tax premium on empty homes in Wednesday's budget Are they going to enforce it?

Posted by magnifico @ 11:29 AM 1 Comments

And here we have the evidence just a few hours after the budget FFS

Evening Standard: Stamp duty stampede on first-time buyer homes in London

I want to cry

Posted by mombers @ 09:26 AM 3 Comments

Budget Commentary

Notayesmanseconomics's Blog: UK house prices get ramped one more time

Yesterday we got the conformation we expected that the UK establishment cannot stop itself from meddling in the housing market with the intention of pushing house prices up. The various readings that the house price was turning highlighted by actual falls in the London area was always going to focus their minds.

Posted by quiet guy @ 08:36 PM 0 Comments

Life copies satire copies life

Daily Mash: House prices increase by precisely the amount of stamp duty cut

THE price of homes for first-time buyers has gone up by exactly what they are set to save after yesterday’s cut in stamp duty. Prospective first-time buyers of a £280,000 London flat, set to save £4,000 in stamp duty, will now find that the flat costs £284,000. Estate agent Carolyn Ryan said: “I’ve just finished changing all the prices in the windows. “It took two hours actually, so unfortunately we will have to pass that on to buyers as an extra £200 admin fee.”

Posted by mombers @ 02:04 PM 2 Comments

Put your life on hold for a mere five years and you too could be stuck in a studio!

Torygraph: Does estate agency's claim that millennials could save £33k in five years 'by quitting coffee and takeways' add up?

The maths is so wrong it's just dishonest - suggesting that food is free if it isn't takeaway, etc. But the real problem is if every renter cut their spending to the bone to save to sacrifice to the housing gods, the economy would absolutely crash. When the money saved does hit the housing market after 5/10/20 years, it will simply push up prices. No meaningful economic activity occurs when the price of a home goes up (without this being the result of repairs or capital investment)

Posted by mombers @ 05:35 PM 3 Comments

"Stuttering Housing Market"

BBC: House price falls now widespread, say surveyors

House prices are now falling in four areas of the country, according to the latest report from chartered surveyors.The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has said that prices are declining in London, the South East, East Anglia and north-east England.The RICS report on the housing market is gloomy overall, citing fewer buyers and sellers, as well as falling sales.The surveyors thought the short-term outlook for prices was even more negative.When asked what they thought would happen to house prices over the next three months, a majority reported falling values in London, the South East, East Anglia, the South West, the North East and the West Midlands. RICS said that last week's rise in base rates was one factor behind the "stuttering" market.

Posted by jack c @ 09:40 AM 4 Comments

Forget rates rise, expect another crash

Jack Rasmus: China shifts policy, predicts Minsky Moment of global financial instability

The Fed knows that raising rates will boost the $ and threaten US offshore profits, the US construction sector and debt-based consumer spending. So any rise will be token and insignificant. Capital incomes are protected monetarily and fiscally by the state in the US, Europe and Japan It comes to an end when Trump's tax cuts (part of the reason for global growth) play out and when China - the engine of global growth - reins in its own bubbles. Expect another financial crash in late 2018 or 2019.

Posted by icarus @ 07:45 PM 7 Comments

"fear of a falling market"

FT Adviser: Mortgage deals wrecked by spike in down-valuations

Brokers are being hit by a wave of downvaluations on residential and rental properties that have led to borrowers missing out on mortgage deals.According to mortgage advisers surveyors are making significant mark-downs on the value of properties compared to the agents’ prices,

Posted by jack c @ 04:48 PM 1 Comments

Cornered and out of ammo

Independent: Bank of England: As a first interest-rate hike in more than a decade looms, here's what experts expect

For the first time in more than a decade, the Bank of England is widely expected to raise interest rates on Thursday. But whatever decision the Monetary Policy Committee makes, it’s unlikely to be an easy one. Wage growth is stagnating, household budgets are tight and Brexit negotiations are casting a shadow over economic growth prospects.

Posted by quiet guy @ 09:15 PM 1 Comments

Friday 20 Bear Food

BBC: House prices: Have they actually gone up in your neighbourhood?

House prices in more than half of neighbourhoods in England and Wales are still lower in real terms than a decade ago, BBC analysis has revealed. In 58% of wards, residential properties are selling for less now, after accounting for inflation, than they were in 2007.

Posted by jack c @ 11:38 AM 3 Comments

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Communities and Local Government House Price Index Jan 16 £292,000 N/A 7.90 TickThis monthN/A22/03/2016
LSL Property Services/Acadametrics Feb 16 £289,229 0.80 6.20 Cross£292,077
(Dec 15)
0.9810/03/2016 (PDF)
Halifax House Price Index Feb 16 £209,495 1.40 9.70 TickThis monthN/A03/03/2016 (PDF) (England and Wales) Mar 16 N/A 0.90 7.90 Cross N/A N/A 11/03/2016 (PDF)
Hometrack - Monthly National Survey Jan 16 N/A 0.50 7.80 Cross N/A N/A 26/02/2016
Land Registry Monthly Report Feb 16 £190,275 0.20 6.10 Tick£191,812
(Jan 16)
0.8030/03/2016 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Apr 16 £202,436 0.20 4.90 TickThis monthN/A02/05/2016 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price Index Mar 16 £303,190 1.30 7.60 TickThis monthN/A21/03/2016 (PDF)

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change (%)
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Communities and Local Government House Price Index Jan 16 £551,000 N/A N/A 10.80 TickThis monthN/A22/03/2016
Halifax House Price Index Q4 15 £416,163 N/A N/A 16.40 CrossThis quarterN/A01/01/2016 (PDF)
Land Registry Monthly Report Feb 16 £530,368 0.60 N/A 13.50 Tick£530,409
(Jan 16)
0.0130/03/2016 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Q1 16 £455,984 N/A 1.20 11.50 Cross£456,229
(Q4 15)
0.0504/04/2016 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price Index Mar 16 £644,045 0.00 N/A 11.00 TickThis monthN/A21/03/2016 (PDF)

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National Housing FederationDavid OrrPhoto of David OrrDec 2013 35%UK2013-2020Tick
House prices will increase by another 35% by 2020, leaving a huge swathe of the population locked out of home ownership for life.

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